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Need high quality embroidery digitizing or vector art services..? Then you have come to the right place. We were providing these services at wholesale rates to some companies in US and Canada for more than 5 years and these companies were selling to the general public at very high prices. In 2008, considering the economical conditions worldwide, we realized that it is our duty to help the people of the world in such difficult times and decided to extend our services to the general public as well because previously only few companies were taking benefits of our high quality and low rates. We wanted to help everyone involved in the embroidery busines and vector arts related services not just the few major companies. Thinking all this and after planning for months, we finally launched ideasEmb.com.

Ideasemb.com is open for everyone (worldwide) regardless of the size of their business or location. Now even a individual can utilize our services and earn huge profits. No matter if you need hundreds of logos digitized or just one, you can take advantage of our best quality and services at very low prices. To see a list of some of the benefits you will get after signing up with us for free, click Why Us?

We Offer Many Features, Some Are Mentioned Below
  • Project of a reupted and registered company.
  • First design absolutely free to let you test our quality and services. Free & quick estimates / quotes forever.
  • Only $12 / design for the first 30 days or pay us 10% less forever than what you are paying to your existing digitizers.
  • All kinds of payment options available including credit cards, debit cards, Paypal etc.
  • Responsive website / free app that works well on every device (like smart phones, desktops or Tablet PC).
  • Fastest turn around time of only 8 working hours.
  • Quick, reliable and friendly customer support.
  • Best quality at affordable rates. Pay for all orders at the end of month. No prepayment required.
  • Experienced and very cooperative staff. We only hire the best of the best.
  • Full control over your billing. We will not charge you a single dollar without your authorization.
  • Best client portal to let you easily access/download your design files 24 hours a day. Enjoy free forever eaily searchable backup of your order files.
  • Easy accounting for you. Complete billing history will be available for all your transactions. Download PDF invoices for any or every payment.

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