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Why Us?

Here are some of the benefits that you will get if you become our client:

  • Free trial with no strings attached:
    1st embroidery digitizing design (up to 5 inches in size) will be done absolutely free so that you can check our quality and services. First vector order will be done for flat $5.00 (or equivalent amount in your preferred currency)

  • Special low price first month:
    Although our prices are already lower than the market and first digitizing order is also free but to make the offer more attractive to you, if you sign up today, we will provide embroidery digitizing of all your logos up to 25000 stitches (including full back logos) and vector orders regardless of their size and complexity for flat $12.00 only (offer valid for first 30 days but may continue forever if you send a good number of orders). This offer is valid for all new clients for unlimited number of orders.

  • 30 days grace period or unlimited loan:
    We will digitize and / or vectorize your logos without advance payment and you can pay anytime in the next 30 days without paying any extra fees or late charges.

  • Quality guarantee:
    Best of the best quality will be provided not just for the few orders but every order will be best and we will also work with you happily untill you are fully satisfied with your each and every order. Normal edits, revisions and urgent service are all free. We really care for our customers.

  • Quickest Turn Around Time:
    You will get your orders back within 8 working hours or less with very good quality at unbelievable low rates. Meaning that if you send us the design in the morning, you will get it back by the evening (mostly much sooner) and if you send it in the evening you will get it back the next day before afternoon (mostly much sooner).

  • Lowest price guarantee:
    Guaranteed lowest prices. If someone is giving you lower rates than what we offer, we will give you 10% lower prices than them but their quality should be at least closer if not equal to our quality.

  • Extraordinary and experienced staff, embroidery digitizers, graphic designers and vector artists:
    We hire only experienced and qualified staff. No matter how much we have to pay them, you will get the whole sale rates. We only hire the best of the best.

  • Free online backup of all your order files:
    Never loose an important logo or file even if your hard drive fails or anything bad happens to your data. We will keep a backup of all your orders online so that you can download them for free in future if something bad happens to your files or data. Only you will have access to those files using a password provided by us. It is a vital option not available with other services but we really care for our clients so we offer this useful service for free.

  • Easy and secure payment options:
    All major credit cards, debit cards and payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay and 3D Secure Cards are happily accepted.

  • Easiest options that make everything very easy for you:
    Our clients are very important to us so we try our best to make everything as easy as possible for them. You can send us the orders via our very easy to use software or by email (as you like). You will still be able to monitor your orders easily in any case.

  • Best software to put you in full control:
    Our parent company deals in software and website designing for years with a very good reputation. We utilized their services and our experience to provide our clients the best order management solution ever. This software will make your business task very easy. For example:

    • You will be able to easily forward your design to your customers via our website in such a way that they will think that you emailed them that design from your own website or email.
    • Download all your files in single zip file with just a single click.
    • Download monthly or per order PDF receipts with few clicks depending on your needs or taxation requirements.
    • Etc.
  • Customer is the boss policy:
    Unlike other companies which treat their customers like outsiders, we work with them side by side and give them special attention and respect. We even go extra mile for our clients because we want to keep our clients always happy.

  • Backed by a solid IT company:
    IdeasEMB.com is backed by HITBIZ INTERNATIONAL, a company that is working for years and has good reputation in more than 40 countries. They provide software solutions, website development and high class hosting services with tons of features (all over the world).

  • And many more features and options:
    So what are you waiting for, simply SIGN UP / REGISTER for free and start using our services today.